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20pund pike caught on Front Lake

Pike Extended Day Ticket



The Pike season runs from 1st October to 15th March inclusive. An extended day ticket allows you to purchase a ticket for the whole Pike season which means you do not have to pay for a day ticket every timer you visit. If you area dedicated Pike Angler, then this will save you money.

The Pike ticket has the following benefits

  • You do not have to live within the KPAC catchment area.

  • Anyone can apply

  • You can visit the front lake as often as you like

  • Exclusively for Pike Anglers only.

  • Good head of pike up 20lb +

Spinning for pike
Another double pike


Dead baiting



Twitched Sprat

Are all good methods for this lake. Live baits however are strictly prohibited.

Price and application

The ticket price is determined at the beginning of each piking season. Full details will be on the application form. There is limited availability on a first come first served basis. The books are open from 1st September and will close 1st November or when there are no more spaces available, which ever is the sooner. If there is no availability or the books are closed then we will add you to the waiting list.   To apply please fill out the short form below, we aim to reply within 48 hours.

Your details were sent successfully!

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