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Back Lake

Members only

19 swims,mainly built into the bank and some opened up to take bivi's. Fairly close in deep water on some swims with excellent features like lilly pads, islands and overhanging trees.


Carp and Pike into good doubles, Roach and Rudd over 1lb, Tench and Bream over 6lb, Perch over 2lb and Eels over 3lb. Excellent stocks of Bream and we also have some Chub and some Barble growing on. after being introduced a couple of seasons back. There are also F1 hybrids and Crucian carp around too making this a great mixed fishery.

Average depths of swim range from just 18 inches to 8 feet, as with many pits,  there are bars, shelves and holes to for you to seek out.

View of peg 9 Back Lake KPAC
Leisurely aftenoon Back Lake KPAC

​There is a clean portaloo for members to use and the whole lake is fenced off with access via a keyed gate. This makes this a great lake for those that want a bit of seclusion from comparative hubub of the front lake.



Members can enjoy club matches on both the front and rear lakes and we run a junior day every year to encourage the young ones to participate in the sport more.

View of Pegs 18 and 20 Back Lake KPAC
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