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Day Ticket Rules

This is a great day ticket fishery, it is not a commercial water, it is a community run club water. We treat our guests on the lake as we expect to be treated ourselves.


The rules are made for the common good and we expect day ticket holders to observe them.  All anglers have a duty of care to look after the lake, surroundings, wildlife and above all the fish.

So please respect our rules and our lakes and have a great days fishing.

Nice common from Front Lake KPAC
  • All anglers must have a valid Environmental Agency valid rod license with them to fish these waters

  • We have zero tolerance of abusive behaviour. Any antisocial behaviour will result in the angler being asked to leave and risk being banned from the lakes

  • Maximum 2 rods per angler per swim

  • Dawn until dusk only, NO night fishing

  • Fish from dedicated pontoon swims only

  • All anglers must have or have access to an adequate landing net and encased unhooking mat or cradle

  • All anglers must have adequate unhooking instruments ( including wire cutters  when pike fishing)

  • All anglers must dip their landing net and unhooking mat in the dip tanks provided prior to fishing

  • Pike season is 1st October to 15th March Inclusive, wire traces to be used when predator fishing using dead bait or lures

  • NO Live baits, Nut baits, Braid, LEAD Core, Swimming, Boating, Model Boating, Fires, Slings, Retainers or Tents (bivies allowed)

  • NO Keep Nets unless in a Club authorised match.

  • Cars parked in the car park at own risk

  • NO rods to be left unattended at any time, by law

  • NO fish to be introduced or removed from these water dead or alive. Any pollution or dead fish to be reported immediately to a bailiff or use the phone number found on your ticket

  • Maximum line strength 15lb

  • Only whisker barbed hooks can be used up to size 12.  All other hooks to be barbless (semi barbed for trebles)

  • Swims D1 and D2 give preference to disabled anglers 1st. Please give way to lesser abled anglers if asked to do so

  • Honour the country code at all times. no litter to to be left behind especially discarded fishing tackle

Reads and small island Front Lake KPAC
Channel leading to pegs 1 through 4 Front Lake KPAC
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