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Match Rules

The draw shall take place one hour before the match commences except those matches in the Midweek league where the draw will take place 30 minutes before the start

No fish over 5lb in weight may be retained in a keepnet but must be weighed by the match official and returned to the water as soon as possible

Competitors to remain within the immediate area of their swim while fishing unless to answer a call of nature

Specimen matches: Carp sacks to be used for safely retaining fish until weighing has taken place

Competitors may only have one rod and line in use at any one time except for specimen matches where two rods are allowed. Additional rods may become assembled ready for use but must be kept away from the waters edge

All competitors must carry their EA Rod license and club membership card when attending all club matches and must be produced upon request to the match official

Points will only be awarded to those taking part who complete the whole match

Litter will not be tolerated under any circumstances and anglers will be asked to leave the lake if in breach of this rule Competitors must not break the water before the start other than to plumb the depth, place bank sticks or keep nets and mix ground bait

Unhooking mats are to be used wherever possible and especially in the specimen matches

No ground baiting is permitted unless agreed before the match commences

Except as specified in the foregoing rules,

Club Rules shall apply in all other matters Competitors must land their own fish and will be allowed 10 minutes after the final whistle to do so

All nets must be clean before starting to fish

In matters of dispute the match secretary or officials decision shall be final Breach of any of the foregoing rules may result in members being banned from future matches

Fish only from marked pegs, not in-between swims

The halfway rule applies when fishing the Front Lake. No casting over halfway when opposite pegs are occupied

This doesn't apply to the Back Lake as this can only be fished from one side.

During some of the more popular matches, swims can become limited and for those matches on the Back Lake, places are on a first come first served basis.

Registering your name immediately on arrival at the venue with the Match Secretary will help avoid disappointment.

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